Ervaring 3 daagse detox sap en soepkuur Elien Migalski; Dogsanddresses

The first month of the new year is coming to an end, which also means it’s time to re-evaluate those 2016 resolutions we’ve made 30 days ago. You may still be visiting the gym on a regular basis or haven’t eaten a carb since that slice of pie on new year’s day.

But chances are your “new year, new me” resolutions have failed miserably – so what now?

You always get a retry, so why not start things off right with a juice cleanse? A juice cleanse is the perfect way for you and your body to start a new lifestyle. It’s a short but tough program that resets your body, and if all goes well, your mind as well. Ready for a new start!

I tried out the PureJuice three day juicing cleanse, which consists of 4 juices a day + 500 ml soup to enjoy during lunch or dinner. The juices are fresh and tasty and went down easy. The soups were not too much of a winner for me because I hardly every drink soup and these were just a bit too fruity for me. Basically, I need cream in my soup 😉 Must say though, the soups made this cleanse much easier, because I like having something warm to drink during the day. Really good for a Winter cleanse!

Elien Migalski
Elien Migalski

Here are six little pointers to survive your juice cleanse.

1. Start smart

Don’t plan your juice cleanse when you have a busy schedule, because a juice detox means putting your social calendar on hold and staying in – no point in going out when you can’t eat or drink. Try to schedule your juice program when it’s calm, when you have a break from school or work for example.

2. Have a back-up plan

You’ll probably feel like wanting to eat something, anything, just to have a bite. Keep some healthy alternatives aside for this: have a grapefruit or make a salad.

3. Go into hibernation

For me, the easiest way to get through a juice cleanse, is to sleep through it. No temptations from the outside world, no cravings, just you and your flanel pajamas. Another upside: you’ll catch up on sleep and end your detox more rested than ever.

4. Pamper yourself

Be kind to yourself: treat your body to a massage, get a facial or go to the hairdressers. You’ll end the cleanse feeling brand new.

5. Exercise

Work out: this will take your mind off the juice cleanse and makes you feel more energetic. Don’t run a marathon just yet, try to take it easy on your body and do some light exercise, yoga or pilates.

6. Make the cleanse as fun as possible

Use cute straws and instagram-worthy mason jars to drink your juices from. Nothing sadder than having to sip from your plastic bottle while your colleagues are eating their fancy lunches. The straws aren’t just for decoration but also to protect your teeth from the sours in the juices!

Want to detox? A three-day detox with juice and soup is 145 euro and available for order on the PureJuice website. May the force be with you 😉

Ervaring 3 daagse detox-kuur Ruth van Soom; The journey of Ruth

Almost one week ago I started a 3-day-detox with Pure Juice.

Since my last trial turned out to be a major failure (damn you French fries), I was really focussed on doing a good job and making myself proud.

The advantage now was that I was allowed to eat a few healthy things like salads and fruits (I do enjoy chewing) in between juices. Practicing heavy sports was discouraged but since I’m rather a couch instead of a sporty spice that wasn’t a problem at all.

Only thing I really shuddered from was replacing coffee by green tea and avoiding sugar.

To remember this wonderful experience afterwards I wrote everything down in a ‘diary’ during this 3-day-detox. Ready to discover my juicy journey? Tuesday January 12th 2016 This morning I went to pick up my Pure Juice package and by the time I got back home I was already hungry :-/ To avoid a breakdown I immediately started with juice n°1 which had a rather bitter taste (thanks to the grapefruit) but I felt better after drinking it.

Every 2/3 hours I had another one and in the meanwhile I ate some raw vegetables to fill up my very angry stomach. Luckily the 3 other juices were really delicious which prevented me from having a sugar waffle.

Now it’s around 8 p.m. and I’m about to eat my soup. Since I managed to avoid coffee and sugar all day (high five to myself) I’m heaving a major headache and my energy level is rather low.

This means no going out for me tonight but the couch and Netflix instead.

Wednesday January 13th 2016 I woke up being really hungry so I had oat flakes with almond milk together with my first juice this morning.

Doing a detox really sounded easier than it actually is and I now remember why I ate those fries last time. When you can stay at home, when you’re behind a desk all day or during summer I think it would be a whole lot easier to keep going without actually eating.

But today it’s cold, raining and I have to go outside for meetings and to take pictures for the blog so I hope my energy level won’t let me down.

Day 2 is almost over and even though I was a bit down in the morning it went a whole lot better than yesterday. I ate a few grilled vegetables with my soup tho, if I can’t chew on something I keep on thinking about food and this makes it too difficult to stay focussed on my work.

And I secretly had a coffee this afternoon which totally wasn’t allowed but tasted so damn good. Thursday January 14th 2016 My third and last detox day… even juice n°1 tasted good this morning.

Since I was helping out at the LN Knits store I put everything in the on-the-go cool box Marieke from Pure Juice gave me (very practical btw).

It’s funny that in the beginning (sounds a bit weird since it has only been 3 days) I had a hard time and now things are going quite smoothly. I even realized this afternoon that I’m going to miss drinking the juices even though I really look forward to eat some ‘normal’ food again.

This evening I ate my last soup together with a dish of green beans and I’m full of energy so I guess that’s a good thing (even managed to clean my apartment). I’m actually thinking about doing the detox again within a few months and without any form of cheating! Visit the Pure Juice website for more information.

Ruth Van Soom
Ruth Van Soom

Water, water en nog eens water



Eigenschappen van water;

Draagt bij tot een normale werking van het lichaam

Voldoet aan de vochtbehoefte

Draagt bij aan de inname van bepaalde mineralen

Soorten water;

Drinkbaar water                                                                                         Natuurlijk water

Drinkbaar gemaakt door een behandeling                                       Van nature zuiver en geen chemische behandeling

  kraanwater                                                                                                                 natuurlijk mineraalwater

  tafelwater                                                                                                                     bronwater

   gefilterd water

Cadeaubon voor een Sappenkuur bij Purejuice


Purejuice in de sneeuw

Voel je als herboren voor de feestdagen of begin met goede voornemens na het vele eten en drinken.

Krijg een bon cadeau voor een detox-sappenkuur van PureJuice.

Of maak er iemand anders heel gelukkig mee.

20% Korting bij aankoop in de maand december 2015 en 2 maanden geldig.

Vul bij de bestelling Kerst in.




IMG_1930Passievruchten zijn rijk aan vitamine A & C.

Vitamine A zorgt voor de huid, de ogen en een goed afweer -en immuunsysteem.

Vitamine C is belangrijk voor onze weerstand, bindweefsel en de opname van ijzer.

Ze bevatten ook veel Mineralen zoals Kalium, Ijzer, Koper, Magnesium en Fosfor.

Kalium is goed voor de spieren en het geestelijk welzijn.

Ijzer en Koper dragen bij tot een goed transport van zuurstof in het bloed en een goede stofwisseling.

Fosfor zorgt voor de stevigheid van het skelet en is nodig voor de Koolhydraat-, eiwit -en vetstofwisseling.

Magnesium is belangrijk voor de energievoorziening in het lichaam en het goed functioneren van de spieren.

De vezels stimuleren de darmtransit, dus minder constipatie.

Wil je er dus goed uitzien, fit zijn, je goed voelen en geen last hebben van een opgeblazen gevoel; Eet dan bij regelmaat een passievrucht.

Gewoon doormidden snijden en uitlepelen, in de blender, door de yoghurt of verwerken in een gerecht.

Smullen maar.

Het is herfst; tijd voor DETOX!

Een nieuw seizoen is de ideale gelegenheid om je lichaam te reinigen met een detox.

Meestal denken we bij zo’n schoonmaak aan de lente, maar ook de herfst is een goede tijd om te detoxen.

Het beste is om dit twee keer per jaar te doen: in het voorjaar en het najaar.

Waarom detox?

Detoxen is een manier om je lichaam als het ware te ‘resetten’. Het zorgt ervoor dat je lichaam alle overtollige afvalstoffen verliest.

Minder afvalstoffen =
• Meer energie
• Minder hoofdpijn
• Minder maag- en buikklachten
• Beter bestand tegen stress
• Beter bestand tegen depressie
• Een gezond, slanker lichaam

Door je lichaam in de herfst te reinigen met een detox, zorg je dat je weerstand hoger is in de winter en heb je meer energie.

Bij Purejuice werken we met seizoensgebonden groenten -en fruit voor de sapjes en soep omdat die de belangrijkste voedingsstoffen bevatten voor dat moment.